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Goal 7:

Foster Inclusive Work Environments

Our students are determined, passionate pioneers when it comes to their education.

The students we work with are resilient leaders dedicated to transforming the educational landscape for the deaf in Eswatini, and they refuse to accept the status quo for themselves or their peers.

As part of our mission to advocate for quality education for the deaf in Eswatini, ensuring that organizations and businesses are trained to not only accommodate deaf individuals in the work place, but are aware of the legal rights of deaf citizens to have access to gainful employment is of utmost importance.


At DOW, we view educational achievement as the crucial first step for deaf youth to thrive independently in all areas of societal life, including the world of work. Thus, assisting in alleviating the barriers and stigma associated with deaf people and their capabilities is necessary in order for deaf youths’ education to be valued and validated. 

Although the 2015 Disability Bill has been formally passed in Parliament, steps have not yet been made to implement policies that can ensure that deaf youth do not face discrimination as they seek gainful employment. There is a need for working with government agencies and local businesses to ensure that deaf people are able to access the workforce. 

Through supporting deaf youth with educational and skills-building opportunities, we are equipping them to be competitive in the job market. 

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Bongani Mbeketeli Drama.JPG

Bongani & Mbeketeli celebrating after being presented an award at the Shakespeare Festival in Cape Town, where they performed "Romeo & Juliet"

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