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Transportation ($1,200.00 round-trip ticket from Swaziland to D.C.)

Transportation costs will cover the cost of one round-trip plane ticket from Johannesburg, South Africa to Washington, D.C. per semester (roughly $1,200.00). Phelele's parents will cover the costs to transport her from Swaziland to the Johannesburg airport, and other travel from the airport in D.C. to Gallaudet University will be handled by us on the ground. 

Room, Board & Tuition ($15,560.00 per Spring & Fall semester)


Room, Board & Tuition for the ELI program at Gallaudet University is all inclusive at $17,800.00 per semester.

This is broken down into:

  • Tuition: $8,900.00

  • Meal Plan: $3,065.00

  • Housing: $3,457.00

  • Student Activities Fee: $138.00


Unfortunately, because the program is classified as a college-prep course and not an undergraduate course, there is no student aid available for any students who enter the program. Most students get financial assistance from their home governments, institutions or families. Given the exchange rate and the huge cost difference between the U.S. and Swaziland, this is simply not a feasible request. The ELI program at Gallaudet is a one-of-a-kind program for deaf and hard of hearing students who are interested in pursuing higher education. There is no other program like this in the world.

Medical Insurance ($1858.00 + $250.00 spring semester)

Students enrolled in the ELI program are required to have health insurance coverage while they are studying in D.C. The cost for health insurance during the Spring Semester is $1,858.00, with an additional student health fee of $250.00 per semester. They have an on-campus nurse available to assist students, with basic healthcare needs, but the health insurance covers any emergency or urgent care needs that cannot be provided at the student health services.

Incidentals ($500.00 per semester)

The costs associated pocket money and other incidentals are covered as an in-kind donation by the parents of the student - so this cost is not included in our overall total for the year.

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Click too support one of our children attending De La Bat

Transportation ($600 per child, annually)

Transportation costs cover the trips that the students will take from Swaziland all the way to Worcester, South Africa. The bus ticket from Swaziland to Johannesburg costs 220 Rand, or roughly $20, and the bus ticket from Johannesburg to Worcester costs 750 Rand, or roughly $65. There are several holidays throughout the year, so we have budgeted for each student to take 6 trips. Parents are expected to provide pocket money for snacks along the way.

Room, Board & Tuition ($1,230 per child annually)

Room & Board at De La Bat costs 11,000 Rand which is roughly $920 for the whole school year, which means that it is less than $80 a month for each child to be provided shelter and have nutritious meals.

Tuition fees are only 3,700 Rand, or around $310 for the whole year; or a little over $20 a month for the students to access education for a whole year, whereas the cost to send US American students to a public High School is over $10,000 a year.

Visa Application & Medical Insurance ($400 per child)


As the students are attending high school in South Africa, they are considered international students and

require a study permit in order to enter and leave South Africa throughout the school year. In working with the school's administration, we are arranging to get each student a one-time visa that will extend from matriculation to their graduation (5 years, as South Africa includes 8th grade at the high school). This one time visa fee is 400 Rand (~$30).

In addition, as part of the requirements to obtain a visa, each child needs to have medical insurance that covers them should they fall ill or become injured while at school. Most Swazis do not have health insurance as Swaziland has a public health system that provides affordable care to all citizens - with low co-pays and public hospitals and clinics. The cost of insurance for the year is rather expensive, particularly because it is an upfront cost, and cannot be paid through installments. The annual health insurance fee is 4,500 Rand ($375).

School Uniform, Pocket Money & Incidentals ($100.00 annually per child)

The costs associated with buying school uniforms, pocket money and other incidentals are all covered as an in-kind donation by the parents of the students - so this cost is not included in our overall total for the year.

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Financial Breakdown

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