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Our Values


To advance the holistic development of Deaf youth in Swaziland through increasing their educational opportunities.


Positive Self-Image




For Deaf Swazi youth to have equal access to a diverse portfolio of opportunities that will support their long-term academic and individual growth.


We promote a Bilingual approach to Deaf Education, where Sign Language is the primary mode of instruction for Deaf youth. We seek to encourage the use of Swazi Sign Language in all educational institutions that include deaf students.

Deaf Open World was founded in 2016 as a small team of devoted individuals interested in changing the landscape of deaf education in Swaziland. It started with a small step through enrolling 3 students at De La Bat in our first year, and our scope has grown to 7 students enrolled at De La Bat, and 1 student beginning their education at Gallaudet University in our second year.

*DOW is currently undergoing the processes to become a registered 501(c)3.

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