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My First Week At Deaf Open World

Hi! My name is Kelsey, I am 19 from Long Island, NY, and I am a new intern at Deaf Open World. I am a Public Relations major with an Advertising minor and an interest in marketing, and I am in my second year at Susquehanna University.

My internship title is PR/Marketing/Fundraising Intern. This job entails assisting my supervisor in creating fundraising and marketing activities to further the outreach of Deaf Open World. Along with this I will be gaining active knowledge of the stigma and misrepresentation of Deaf youth. It will also be my responsibility to design, create, and oversee at least one fundraising campaign during my internship. I am very eager and excited to get more involved with DOW!

Within my first week interning so far I have already learned a lot, specifically about our organization. After reviewing our presence online, I got to learn about the students DOW has helped thus far. Reading this information has opened my eyes to see the really great impact that DOW has on these kids, and how I now get to have a small part in that which is exciting.

I am very interested in what will happen within these next few months while I intern with Deaf Open World. I am interested in who we will help and how we will do it. I am excited to get to assist in the creation of a fundraising campaign, and I am especially eager to see where this amazing opportunity will take me and the other students involved.

Talk soon!

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