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Facebook Frenzy

Week two has come and gone, and I feel like time is flying. I love working for DOW, and I love that I am learning more and more everyday. I feel like there is so much potential in this organization, and I am so excited to do what I can to continue this growth.

This last week I have focused on expanding our reach, as well as creating opportunities to connect with our members and followers. Now, with the new Facebook group page, I am hoping to get more people involved and thinking about some important questions and topics involving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I have also created some quote posts that will be posted occasionally, so that our members and friends can get a sense of what DOW stands for, and what we are working towards.

Check out our Facebook page and group chat and you too can comment and participate.

Facebook Page- www.facebook/DeafOpenWorld

Facebook Group-

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