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My First Week at DOW

Hi! My name is Deion Hall and I am a new intern at Deaf Open World. I am a rising senior at Susquehanna University, where I major in International Studies and have a focus area in Developing World Studies.

I am a Administrative Assistant & Business Development Intern at Deaf Open World which means I will be assisting my supervisor in researching for possible grants or funding opportunities, I will be conducting case studies on existing non-profits in the US and other regions, I will be corresponding with current DOW partners to strengthen relationships and I also will be completing an independent project concerning “Disability Mainstreaming.”

In my first week at DOW, I have learned many interesting things about the disabled community in Eswatini (previously known as “Swaziland”). During the first week I was able to analyze a study conducted on the living conditions of people with disabilities (PWD) within Eswatini. Through this reading I was able to learn about the treatment of disabled people as well as how they are viewed within the country. The reading noted that within the Eswatini culture PWDs are looked at as “bewitched” or “evil” but even with this label placed upon them PWDs are still said to be “open minded, flexible, less constrained by the negative aspects of tradition and eager to learn.” This reading allowed me to realize how important organizations like DOW are for PWDs. With the aid of organizations like DOW, PWDs are able to receive the beneficial opportunities they deserve rather than be discriminated against and marginalized.

Over the coming months with DOW I am excited to learn more about the PWD population in Eswatini as well as better understand how/what interventions can best provide ongoing and sustainable support to this community. Be sure to check back for updates!


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