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Deaf Identity

These last two weeks I have found myself thinking a lot about Deaf identity and pride. It saddens me to think that Deaf individuals are sometimes seen as less capable people due to a difference in hearing ability. In fact, I believe that being deaf is not something that should be pitied or seen as a disability, but rather just another difference. We all have differences, and these differences make us who we are. Being deaf versus hearing does change one's perspectives, experiences, and life overall, but it doesn’t make a person lessor just because they can not hear or have trouble hearing.

Learning about the pride within the deaf community reminds me of the same pride one might have for their country or ethnic background. All these cultural aspects that make us who we are, are things that should be celebrated. For the Deaf community the things that bring them together are shared experiences as a minority group and all the frustrations and joys that this involves.

No one should have to live their life thinking that they can only accomplish the things they want to accomplish if only they were different. Deaf individuals are capable to do whatever they set their minds to.

The video I have linked to this blog is a great example of why the Deaf community is so much more than a group of individuals with a similar medical diagnosis, but rather a culture in its own right.

This week on our Facebook page we will be sharing stories like these as well as try to start a conversation about things like Deaf Identity and culture/community. If you are interested in learning more or joining in on the conversation follow this link:

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