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Reflection week

This week I took some time and I sat down to explore the DOW webpage, specifically I focused on reading the stories of the eight students that DOW supports. I enjoyed reading each students story and getting to know more about them; I also really enjoyed watching the videos of a few of the students signing and telling the people viewing about themselves. I am so grateful that these wonderful students have the opportunity to attend De La Bat Skool and Gallaudet University. Each student seems to be extremely focused on achieving their goals and dreams, which is amazing. These students drive and ambition should be supported, especially being that there has only been one Deaf person from Eswatini to receive a university degree (I know these eight students will change that). These students are reaching for their goals and overcoming the stereotypes linked to disabilities. This is why organizations like DOW are very important in terms of supporting the PWD community because of the fact that the PWD population is often stereotyped, marginalized or thought of as “not capable.” With the “backing” of organizations as well as the ambition these students have anything is possible. I can not wait to see the things they accomplish!

#eSwatini #education #culture #signlanguage

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