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Sneak Peek into Disability Mainstreaming

Over the past month I have been working on a tool kit designed specifically for a topic called “disability mainstreaming.” Disability mainstreaming is the act or strategy of including the needs/perspectives of PWD into all programs, projects and organizations. The act of mainstreaming disability can be done in various ways; one way I have researched is the strategy of implementing knowledge on disabilities into an entire organization. This can be done by training staff in disability awareness, teaching proper disability etiquette, researching the needs of PWD (to aid in properly meeting those needs), and creating an equal opportunity policy when hiring staff. Making disabilities “mainstream” is very important because of the fact that PWD deserve to have a “say” in the way organizations, schools and programs are run. Another reason disability needs to be “mainstreamed” is because of the socio-economic problems that are connected to disabilities. This connection means that until disabilities are taken into account in every aspect it’ll be a lot harder to fix socio-economic problems. For example, poverty and disabilities have a strong connection and if an organization is attempting to end poverty, then it must gain knowledge on disabilities and add this acquired knowledge to the forefront of planning, which in turn may make ending poverty easier. There is so much more that can be done to mainstream disability and I am actively researching the various methods of mainstreaming. This is just a snippet into the work I have been doing; as well as a look into disability mainstreaming and its importance. As I continue to research disability mainstreaming and add to the DOW toolkit, I hope to be able to take part in fully mainstreaming disability everywhere.

Check back next week for more updates!


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