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Steps Towards Advocacy

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on an advocacy toolkit to promote advocacy with our audience. Advocacy can be defined as “supporting a cause or policy. This can be achieved by audience engagement and outreach. As a nonprofit organization, promoting advocacy is one of our main goals.

Here at DOW, we are advocates for deaf children in Eswatini, and ensuring that they are offered the education and resources to thrive in the world. However, this is not possible without the support of our audience as advocates as well. So while I was in the process of creating a draft for the toolkit, I did a lot of research on ways to promote advocacy through our platforms.

As I was writing the draft for the toolkit, I noticed that one of the main steps to creating advocacy is educating your audience. Even if something seems very simple, it would be wise to assume that someone who is visiting our website for the first time has no idea what it is. For example, I was explaining my internship to a few family friends and they had no idea where ESwatini is. I plan on creating cool, new infographics with all types of facts on them. I also plan on creating a newsletter, so our audience can receive monthly updates. With so many plans and so little time, I am working towards altering my schedule a bit to make sure I stay on track with my goals. I can’t wait to share the finalized results with you all!

#eSwatini #education #culture #signlanguage

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