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Organizational Spotlight: Sign Hi Say Hi!

Welcome back to Organizational Spotlight! Our focus this week is Sign Hi Say Hi!, which is a non-governmental organization based in northwest England. The organization operates as a club that welcomes all deaf children and young people whether they choose to communicate by speech or British Sign Language.

The Sign Hi Say Hi! Club was created to provide an opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing youth to meet and take part in activities including sport, craft, and workshops. The club is also an opportunity for the families of these young people to socialize.

The Sign Hi Say Hi! Club was founded to promote inclusion, acceptance, and communication. Many young people often find that they are the only deaf or hard of hearing person in their school. However, by attending these meetings, these young people learn that they are not alone and are given the opportunity to interact with others who are in the same position as them. By talking about their experiences and finding similarities in their everyday lives, these young people are likely to be more accepting of their deafness.

Sign Hi Say Hi! shares its value of inclusion for all, especially those who are deaf or hard of hearing, with Deaf Open World. At DOW, we believe that those who are deaf or hard of hearing deserve to be felt accepted in all of their endeavors, especially education. Like Sign Hi Say Hi!, DOW also works to build communication competency between parents and children. The relationship between a parent and child is extremely important in promoting positive growth through the years of childhood and adolescence. In addition to this mission, DOW also focuses on bettering the communication between educators and their pupils. For deaf youth in Eswatini to receive the education that they deserve, it is vital that their teachers know how to properly communicate with them in Sign Language. Because of this necessity, DOW works to facilitate the training needed for these educators to be properly equipped to do their job to the best of their ability.

DOW commends Sign Hi Say Hi! for the work that they do through their clubs meetings and the inclusivity that they are working to facilitate each and every day. The organization is making a huge difference in improving the the self-confidence of the youth who interact with their organization. By providing them with feelings of acceptance and togetherness, the club meetings allow these children to get rid of the loneliness that they might feel in the schools they attend. It is necessary for deaf and hard of hearing young people to be seen as equals in an environment like the one that Sign Hi Say Hi! is providing. This equality is extremely important as it is a necessary step towards leveling the playing field in all aspects of life for this demographic. For working to facilitate equality for deaf and hard of hearing youth, DOW extends its gratitude to Sign Hi Say Hi! We thank them for providing excellent interactive opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing young people through its operations.

For more information about Sign Hi Say Hi!, please refer to their website.


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