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Last Week at DOW

This is my last week at Deaf Open World. I have loved every minute of my internship. The goals and passions of this organization are something I will always support even once I am gone. I believe that DOW can change so many lives for the better, and not just the lives of deaf youth in Eswatini, but everyone.

Teaching about advocacy has taught me so much that I had never known before such as the power of our voices. It is easy to feel insignificant in a world as big as ours, but being part of this organization has allowed for me to share my voice and be heard.

I have never been more proud then today when I saw the difference that I had made in the Facebook Pages. We have grown twice our original audience size since I became an intern here.

Working with people within the Deaf Open World family was also something I will miss. Everyone here just wants to make a difference and help others.

Overall, I am so happy and appreciative for this opportunity. Thank you.

#eSwatini #education #culture #signlanguage

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