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Goodbye for Now

As my internship with Deaf Open World comes to a close, I am filled with nothing but thankfulness and gratitude for this amazing opportunity that I have been given. I have learned a tremendous amount about the community of deaf and hard of hearing individuals worldwide, especially the support that they are both currently receiving and are in need of from non-governmental organizations (as featured in my Systematic Review). The skills and talents of this demographic are vital to the continued advancement of society on a global scale which is why it is crucial that they are receiving the care that they need.

In Eswatini, DOW is working around the clock to provide sufficient aid for deaf youth which is making a massive contribution to this cause! I am honored to have been a part of this work and am proud to have served as DOW’s Administrative Assistant and Business Development Intern. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience that I would not trade for the world. As I move on to complete my last year of college, I will carry all of the knowledge and lessons that I have learned this summer and use them to try and make the world a better place each and every day.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted me on this journey. I cannot wait to watch DOW continue to grow and succeed in all of its future endeavors!


#eSwatini #education #culture #signlanguage

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