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The Start of Something New

Monday, September 5th marked the beginning of what I deem to be a challenging but hopefully impactful experience. As a Social Media/Digital Storytelling Intern for Deaf Open World, my responsibilities range from supporting social media development and increasing awareness and advocacy to writing narratives and stories and creating info-graphics, briefs, flyers or other digital media to share. This week was the beginning of that journey. Most of the time this week was spent familiarizing myself with the system and processes of the operation. I will have to admit, it was definitely overwhelming at first but after going through the documents and folders a few hundred times, the tasks seem doable.

In addition to getting acquainted with the folder and processes, I also created my bio and completed a few assessments. There was something interesting about the assessments, particularly, the Leadership Compass Assessment. I was surprised to find myself with an Analytical style of leading. I had never seen myself that way but after reading the description, for the most part, it sounded more like me in comparison to the other leadership styles. It felt good to see that part of me actually defined and qualified. To learn more about your leadership style through the Compass Assessment, click here.

This week was the start of something new and I completed one of the readings which talked about the state of youth in Eswatini. As I read the excerpt, I was saddened by the deplorable circumstances that the youth of Swaziland living with a disability have to face, but unfortunately, I was not that surprised. Actions need to be taken to ensure that humans flourish in all aspects of life. This article reminded me of why I decided to work with Deaf Open World and I am glad I get to be a part of a team that makes a difference and a lasting impact. I can't wait to see what's next in store for me.

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