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Let's Begin: First week at Deaf Open World

Hello and welcome! My name is Charleá Fields and recently I have began my journey as the Public Relations and Marketing Intern at Deaf Open World. I am a third-year student at Susquehanna University, majoring in Psychology and Journalism. As an active member on my campus, Deaf Open World caught my attention and inspired me to be apart of a bigger picture. As an emerging organization, Deaf Open World works towards advancing education opportunities for Deaf youth in Swaziland. I am eager to make a difference with my responsibilities as an intern, they vary from creating infographics or other digital media to share. Additionally, writing narratives and stories of current program participants while developing awareness campaigns to share on social media or the website. Throughout these projects I will be able to correspond with current and potential partners.

I am so excited to expand my experience during this internship while dedicating myself to something I am passionate about. During my first week, I have questioned: how can I truly connect with people? How will I make an impact with my position? How will this challenge me? This week, I have explored that many of my goals and tasks allow me to connect with people directly and indirectly. This will be through blog posts, newsletters, and even coaching other students like me.

In other news, I have created my intern bio and completed two assessments. These projects were more self-assessment based in order to get me ready for the projects coming in the future. In particular, the professional competency assessment forced me to reflect on things I would like to improve, such as my coaching and leadership skills. This internship will give me the opportunity strengthen these skills throughout various projects. Furthermore, I am so eager to get started and face the challenges and opportunities, that will shape me for my future.

#independence #interns #education #challenges #student #college #firstweek #signlanguage

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