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Get Back to School Ready!

School is right around the corner again which means it is time to get right back on schedule. It might be a stressful time of year as you prepare and attempt to pick up from last semester. Your schedule is constantly changing and you might not feel ready to head back to class. Yet, there are simple ways to prepare yourself or your deaf child for the semester. Here are positive ways to prepare for this semester.


Tips For Parents

Make sure the teacher understands how to support your child’s needs -

Getting to know the teacher before class starts allows the student as well as the teacher to feel more comfortable. By communicating the needs they have or help that they might need compared to other hearing students will create a better learning atmosphere for a child who is deaf.

Help your child feel confident about their deafness -

Most of the time confidence does not come naturally for everyone. Each person is made differently with their own unique qualities. Affirm your child and let them know that you believe in them because they can do anything. Deaf students can speak up for themselves and ask for help if needed. Push them to feel confident about their deafness so they can provide explanations to their teachers


Tips for Students

Organize supplies -

Things can easily become cluttered in a backpack so it is important to declutter old notebooks and folders. Come up with a system and label folders and binders for certain classes. To maintain the order of things, set a time to organize your backpack every week.

Prep your schedule -

After being out of school for a few weeks, it is possible to be overwhelmed by the coursework and activities on your schedule. Take a moment to organize your week ahead in your agenda or notebook. This will allow you to manage your time and commit a certain time to get things done.

Look over your notes each day -

Go back to the notes you took each day in class to make sure you understand everything that was written down. If you understand the information, this will make studying A LOT easier. You will also be able to form questions that you did not think of during the lesson taught in class.

Study a little every day -

Do not overwhelm yourself by studying for an exam the day or night before. As a college student, I know this does not work for me or others. You tend to forget most of the information once the exam is in front of you. If you make the effort to study the information and test your knowledge with practice, you will find that you know the information rather than simply memorizing it. Additionally, you will create a more structured learning environment when you organize your time when studying.

Set REASONABLE expectations -

Set reasonable expectations and goals you desire to achieve this semester. Start small, such as setting an earlier time to wake up in the morning or asking more questions in class. Setting reasonable expectations for yourself will allow you to feel more productive by meeting your goals each day.


While everyone functions differently at school, it is important to have your own personal routine that suits you. Finally, when helping your child discover their personal routine, keep in mind each student learns differently but that is the beauty of education.

“Own your identity. Love who you are in the world. Love your deafness.”

- Nyle DiMarco

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