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Age 17, Manzini Region, Grade 9

De La Bat Skool, Worcester, South Africa

Siyanda entered the Siteki School for the Deaf at age 5, beginning at the pre-school and starting grade 1 in 2009. She did very well in school, and completed grade 7 in 2015.

Siyanda is the oldest in her family, with one younger sibling. She is supported by her mother and step-father who was the main force behind her pursuing education in South Africa. Her step-father and mother are both soldiers, working for the Swazi army.

Siyanda won medals in an athletic competition during her first year at De La Bat. The school environment has positively impacted her self-confidence and self-expression immensely. After the first semester at De La Bat, her transformation was visible in her boisterous, articulate sign. This is evidence that the right education in a caring environment can change everything.

When Siyanda finishes high school, she would like to pursue training to become a teacher to support other Deaf children so that they too can have quality, life-changing education.


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