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Tiphelele, age 20, Shiselweni Region

Is midway through her second semester at Gallaudet University's English Language Institute

Tiphelele (or just Phelele) will turn 20 years old in December, and she is a bright, energetic and caring individual. She comes from around Nhlangano, a town in the Southern part of Swaziland. To learn more, click here.

Bongani, age 19, Manzini Region

Will be completing 9th grade in November, and beginning 10th grade in January, 2018

Bongani was first enrolled in pre-school at the Siteki School for the Deaf in 2005, at the age of 7. He graduated from grade 7 in 2015. He is a consistently responsible and mature individual who was determined to do better by himself and truly valued education. To learn more about Bongani, click here.

Mbeketeli, age 18, Lubombo Region

Will be completing grade 9 in November and entering grade 10 in January, 2018

Mbeketeli is a gifted artist, and has painted murals around his homestead. Every time he returns from school, his family gives him space to paint a new mural. He is also a talented dancer and actor, with an incredible creative imagination. However, Mbeketeli is also serious about his studies and cares deeply about his education. To learn more about Mbeketeli, click here.

Siyanda, age 17, Manzini Region

She is completing 9th grade in November and will be entering 10th grade in January, 2018

Siyanda has won medals in an athletic competition during her first year at De La Bat. She was also a very quiet, introverted girl. Her experience at De La Bat has provided  her confidence, seeing her transform from a quiet, introverted girl to a very boisterous, articulate young woman, evidence that the right education in a caring environment can change everything. To learn more about Siyanda, click here.

Buhle, age 17, Shiselweni Region

He will be completing grade 8 in November, and starting grade 9 in January, 2018

At the beginning of the 2016 school year, as a result of his hard class work and academic prowess, Buhle was moved from grade 6 to grade 7, and was then able to start grade 8 when he began his education at De La Bat Skool in 2017. Buhle is a natural comedian and loves to dance and act in drama performances. To learn more about Buhle, click here.

Siphesihle, age 17, Manzini Region

Will complete grade 8 in November and begin grade 9 in January, 2018

Siphesihle is a kind and caring individual and acts as a big sister to all she interacts with. She loves dancing and socializing with friends. She is fortunate enough to have both parents. Her father is an extremely hard worker, employed as an EMT in Swaziland. Her parents have been seeking to enroll Siphesihle in a high school in South Africa since 2015, however after pursuing one school, the plans fell flat. This was when they began seeking her admittance at De La Bat Skool. To learn more about Siphesihle, click here.

Tandzile, age 17, Manzini Region

She will be completing grade 8 in November and starting grade 9 in January, 2018

Her teachers acknowledged her as a very gifted student, excelling in her classes and really advocated for her to be enrolled in a high school in South Africa. Tandzile is also a strong dancer and is a sweetheart. She has been doing well in her first year at De La Bat and is excited to start 9th grade in January. To learn more about Tandzile, click here.

Zinhle, age 13, Hhohho Region

She will complete grade 6 in November and start grade 7 in January, 2017

Zinhle started her schooling at the De La Bat Skool as her father, Anthony was enrolled at the Deaf Ministry program that is also on campus. After completing grade 3, her and her family moved back to Swaziland where she began grade 4 at Siteki School for the Deaf. She was overjoyed at the opportunity to return to De La Bat School in 2017. To learn more about Zinhle, click here.

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